Book Signing with Danielle Davis

Join us for a meet and greet with Danielle Davis, the author of "Zinnia and the Bees," a book about a yarn bombing seventh grader (a short description of the book can be found below). Danielle will introduce the book, talk about some of her favorite yarn bombers, and then will do a small reading. A Q&A will be held after the short presentation, as well as time for book signing and purchasing. Call today to reserve a book!

About Zinnia and the Bees
Zinnia’s yarn bomb flops. Her older brother (aka best friend and yarn bombing accomplice) leaves without a word. And then the worst ever of worst evers: BEES. IN. HER. HAIR.

Between a failed yarn bomb, a missing brother, a mother who doesn’t get her, and a nosy new neighbor who seems to notice way too much—especially when it comes to her buzzzzzy new friends—Zinnia’s last day of seventh grade is challenging, to say the least. But learning to trust herself might just be the toughest challenge of all, as Zinnia discovers in this irresistible story about discovering the true meaning of home.

About Danielle Davis
Danielle Davis grew up in Singapore and Hong Kong and now lives in Los Angeles. She has an M.A. in literature and creative writing and a number of her short stories have been published in literary magazines. She also taught English to middle school and community college students. Now, she reads and writes and enjoys volunteering with literacy organizations. Check out her blog about picture books at

Book Signing with Danielle Davis